Our Moviekopters® are assembled by our own engineers from freely available components and our own developments. We realise your own wishes and requirements for the maximum possible flexibility on the set. After every flight and on arriving at the location, the Moviekopters® are subjected to a visual examination and a technical inspection. This safeguards full operability and the optimal shooting quality at all times.

The Moviekopters® are used as redundant systems at our customers’ locations. This minimises production downtimes  – a key requirement for the best results, specifically for non-repeating scenes, live events, or once-in-a-lifetime shots.

We can give you an excellent live image that you can affect on the set.

Our Moviekopters® have a take-off weight between 1.5 and 17  kg, depending on your requirements. The corresponding permits have been granted or are obtained before the flight. AIR MOVIE SERVICE operates Moviekopters® exclusively within the legislation of the affected country. Possible flight times are between 4 and 18  minutes, depending on the take-off weight, the wind conditions, and the ambient temperature.

We can operate some of our aerial systems in winds up to about 30  km/h.

Camera stabilisers along all axes eliminate blurring and judder during shootings, pans, and zooms. Only in the rarest of cases does the material need to be post-edited by software. This saves a lot of time and money and delivers the optimal quality.

  • Canon
  • RED
  • Freefly
  • Movi
  • Nikon
  • GoPro
  • Zeiss
  • Blackmagic




  • Carbon Quattro Moviekopter® (GoPro Hero  3 Class, 1.5-3  kg)
  • Carbon Verbund flat Hexa Moviekopter® (BlackMagic Pocket, Sony  730, NEX  5 or 7, Panasonic GH Class, 4-7  kg TOW)
  • Carbon cross-axial Okto Moviekopter® (BlackMagic Pocket, Cannon  5D Class, 5-8  kg TOW)
  • Carbon Flat-Octo-Heavy-Lift Moviekopter® (ARRI ALEXA Mini, Epic-/Dragon-/Weapon-RED, FS100/700, Black magic Cinema or Production  4K Class, 9-17  kg TOW)
  • Full control via Full-HD live images on the ground

The camera heads are stabilised with gyros along all three axes for the perfectly stable horizon and completely steady shootings. 



Camera Systems

  • Gopro Hero 4 black: bis 4K mit 30p, Full HD 1080P mit 120P, bei 720P mit bis zu 240P, ProTune Mode
  • Blackmagic Pocket, lossless Cinema DNG RAW and Apple ProRes  422 (HQ) with 1920  x  1080
  • Blackmagic Cinema Camera MFT: up to 2432  x  1366 pixels with 30P in RAW
  • Black Magic Production  4K: up to 3840  x  2160 pixels with 30P in RAW
  • Canon  EOS  5D Mark  III, 22.3  MP full-format sensor: Full-HD videos 25P
  • RED-Epic/-Dragon/-Weapon

And all this with the familiar high level of image stability  – no post-editing necessary. 


  • ARD
  • ZDF
  • Pro Sieben
  • VOX
  • WDR
  • Hagebau
  • VierJahreszeiten
  • Weltkulturerbe
  • Sky
  • ARD Degeto
  • Red Bull