AIR MOVIE SERVICE is a team of experienced experts. Thanks to their qualifications and professional experience, we embody all the skills needed for a professional shooting. Besides our professional skills, we also share a passion for flying, fascinating images, and unusual views. The best conditions for us to aim for new heights with your project, and actually get there as well. We’ll be delighted to lend your ideas wings: Our mix of design, marketing, and technology provides the perfect setting for your project. Precision landing guaranteed.


Creative mind, strategist, marketing specialist

Founder and Managing Partner, CEO. A man of foresight combining visionary ideas with an eye for detail. Management consultant, manager, marketing professional, and interior designer. As the managing director and creative mind on the team, Bernd Vangerow embodies a number of talents. The result: tailored concepts and fresh ideas  – in any case nothing that has been seen a hundred times before. Today, after activities for global players and forward-thinking SMEs, his passion is for design. Strategic thinking, aesthetic instinct, and marketing know-how: He then develops a creative and enthralling solution within budget limits for your assignment. Bernd Vangerow loves flying  – and so pilots your project safely to its destination.


Moviekopter® operator, post-producer, composer, and technology expert

Bernd Sprank is one who builds bridges. Between art and technology. Between image and sound. Between visual, mechanical, and digital. But there is something that runs all the way through him: the striving for perfection, for that something special, for the harmonious composition. He has found in the “Flying Cameras” the perfect tool for this. Everyday occurrences become spectacular. Familiar things are given an unusual perspective. Sound meets image. Skilled in film, photo, and model making, sensitivity and dexterity: He makes your ideas take off.



As flexible as the Moviekopter® is – there are projects that cannot be filmed or photographed with a drone. So if you should need a helicopter, then Horst Pierdolla will take to the air for you. The licensed helicopter pilot and trained advertising specialist knows his Robinson and the sky like the back of his hand – your guarantee that your shoot doesn’t dissolve into thin air.


Photography, aerial vehicle and vintage model flights

A trained eye, a sense for the right moment, and a lot of instinct when piloting an aerial vehicle  – with these attributes, Gottfried Pönnighaus provides the perfect setting for every motif. Whether landscapes, people like you and me, celebrities, or animals  – this experienced photographer and pilot has taken thousands of shots and at least as many flight kilometres: the best requirements for your aerial shootings as well.

Karis Schauerte

Project management

Karis Schauerte has been working for years on the design and management team at vangerow business design and is an assistant to the managing director. She is in contact with customers, TV stations, production companies, and authorities. She consults and completes the formalities with the aviation safety authorities for take-off and filming permits. She coordinates, supports, advises, informs, and so maintains the smooth and professional course of AIR MOVIE SERVICE shootings on set. Last but not least, she also contributes her creativity to production and customer contacts.

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