Whether indoors or outdoors, over water or land: Our Moviekopters® are ready for take off any time*, any place**. In Germany. Anywhere in Europe. Or, if you wish, on the other side of the Atlantic as well. Our flexible aerial vehicles can be used even over difficult terrain, e.g. high mountain regions or water. The low-noise motors have zero emissions, so shootings are possible even in sensitive areas  – on request indoors as well. Change your perspective, and thrill the viewer with extraordinary angles of view.

all aboard

We are quickly on location and have everything on board needed for the video or photo flight. Our compact equipment does not need any special preparations on your part. The Full-HD Moviekopter® records in top-quality high resolution (1080p/25 or 50 Full-HD video, RAW-format photos). Camera stabilisers along all axes eliminate blurring and judder during shootings, pans, and zooms. Only in the rarest of cases does the material need to be post-edited by software. This saves a lot of time and money and delivers the optimal quality. If necessary, the shootings are assessed directly after landing. The live view also lets you follow the shootings in real time from the ground and intervene whenever you want.

the final polish

Our professional post-production services refine the shootings just as you wish. Editing, individual soundtrack, or your company logo animated … and aerial shootings become the perfect film.




  • Real estate
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Landscapes
  • Gardens and parks
  • Cities  / localities
  • Sights
  • Major events

*Shooting possible only with certain restrictions in snow, rain, or wind (stronger than 35  km/h). In these cases, shooting is postponed without additional costs.




  • (Companies) promo films
  • Events
  • Indoor rooms and halls
  • Documentations and expertises
  • High resolution, top quality
  • Camera stabilisers along all axes
  • Full-HD videocopters

**AIR MOVIE SERVICE has been granted take-off permits for aerial shootings in Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia, and other German states.

  • ARD
  • ZDF
  • Pro Sieben
  • VOX
  • WDR
  • Hagebau
  • VierJahreszeiten
  • Weltkulturerbe
  • Sky
  • ARD Degeto
  • Red Bull