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Sky’s the limit  … AIR MOVIE SERVICE shows the world from a new perspective. From above. From the ground. As a video or photo. As a brief impression or complete cinema scene. With Moviekopters®, the “Flying Cameras”. In every case: professional  – less costs, greater flexibility, and more fascination than all aerial shootings before. Whether landscape, film set, hotel, private property, or event, whether indoors or outdoors: AIR MOVIE SERVICE delivers shootings that convince  – even where nobody can reach.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Shootings from any height  – with the “lowest-cost crane in the world”
  • Images virtually free of blurring; scarcely any post-editing of the shootings  – that saves time and money
  • Images from the most diverse angles of view
  • Flights in virtually any environment
  • Suitable aerial vehicles for all flights
  • Visually convincing shootings in Full HD by professional filmmakers  / photographers
  • Full services including post-production and soundtrack (on request)

You’d like to take the air? Then take off visually  – with AIR MOVIE SERVICE.

The following presents our technology and services.



Landscape I

Tegernseer Tal | März 2014


ein Zusammenschnitt aus den TV- und Imagefilm-Produktionen 2013


Auftraggeber: Hotel VierJahreszeiten, Iserlohn | Idee, Konzeption, Ausführung, Postproduction: AIR MOVIE SERVICE


Filmaufnahmen zur Saisoneröffnung des Tennisclubs "TC Ismaning" in der Nähe von München


the moviekopter®

Our Moviekopters® are assembled by our own engineers from freely available components and our own developments. We realise your own wishes and requirements for the maximum possible flexibility on the set. After every flight and on arriving at the location, the Moviekopters® are subjected to a visual examination and a technical inspection. This safeguards full operability and the optimal shooting quality at all times.


  • ARD
  • ZDF
  • Pro Sieben
  • VOX
  • WDR
  • Hagebau
  • VierJahreszeiten
  • Weltkulturerbe